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Welcome to Lintje! A Git linter made for people. Lintje will help you and your team write better commit messages, branch and Pull Requests.

This documentation section will get you started. Use the side bar on the left (or at the bottom of this page) to read more about Lintje.

Get started with Lintje

If you need help, have any questions, feature requests or any feedback, please contact me.

Example Lintje output

Lintje has descriptive output to helps you recognize issues more easily and know how to fix them.

$ lintje
Error[SubjectTicketNumber]: The subject contains a ticket number
  883a427:1:10: Fix bug. Closes #123
  1 | Fix bug. Closes #123
    |          ----------- Remove the ticket number from the subject
  3 | Closes #123
    | +++++++++++ Move the ticket number to the message body
    = help:

Error[SubjectCliche]: The subject does not explain the change in much detail
  9a2ae29:1:1: Fix bug
  1 | Fix bug
    | ^^^^^^^ Describe the change in more detail
    = help:

2 commits and branch inspected, 2 errors detected