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Lintje does not have a configuration file where you can enable/disable/configure certain rules for an entire project.

Instead it’s possible to ignore specific rules per commit.

There are separate flags available on the CLI to control branch validation, hide hints, control colorized output and select which commits to validate.

Ignoring rules per commit

It’s possible to ignore certain rules for a commit, but it’s recommended to use this very infrequently. If you think Lintje should handle a certain scenario better, please create an issue explaining your use case.

To ignore a rule in a specific commit, use the magic lintje:disable comment.

Start a new line (preferably at the end of the commit message) that starts with lintje:disable and continue specifying the rule you want to ignore, such as: lintje:disable SubjectPunctuation.

Example commit with multiple ignored rules:

This is a commit subject!!

This is a commit message line 1.
Here is some more content of the commit message is very long for valid reasons.

lintje:disable SubjectPunctuation
lintje:disable MessageLineTooLong

(The above is a bad commit, please don’t use the disabling of rules this way.)