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How to install Lintje

To use Lintje, it first needs to be installed on the systems you want to validate your commits. This can be both your local setup and the Continuous Integration build for the project.

Lintje has a release per Operating System, make sure you Operating System of choice is supported: see the list of installation targets.

After you’ve installed Lintje, make sure to add Git hooks to your local project and/or add Lintje to the Continuous Integration for your project.


Manual installation

It is always possible to manually install Lintje. Do be aware that it will also need to be manually updated.

The latest, and older versions, of Lintje can be found on the releases page.

Once you’ve downloaded the archive for your Operating System, extract it to a directory in your $PATH so the lintje executable is available in any directory from the command line.

Microsoft Windows

There is no automated method of installing Lintje on Microsoft Windows at this time. Please see the manual installation section for now.

Supported Operating Systems

Is your favorite Operating System not in this list? Please create an issue with what Operating System you want to use Lintje on.