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Automated review

This page contains examples of how to use Lintje in different scenarios and setups like Continuous Integration systems.

Continuous Integration

GitHub Action

Lintje is available as a GitHub Action on the GitHub marketplace.


Semaphore has an environment variables that contains the range of commits that were pushed for a given workflow. This tests all the commits that are included in a Pull Request or Git push on a branch.

Add the following command to your build as a separate job.


This command with the $SEMAPHORE_GIT_COMMIT_RANGE variable wil resolve to a commit range like this:

$ lintje 5c84719708b9b649b9ef3b56af214f38cee6acde...92d87d5c0dd2dbb7a68ecb27df43d1b164fd3e30

Read more about $SEMAPHORE_GIT_COMMIT_RANGE in the Semaphore docs.

Semaphore helper script

Use the following script, in a location like script/lint_git, in your project to download, install Lintje and cache for future builds. Change the version number in the LINTJE_VERSION variable to update Lintje to a newer version.

# script/lint_git

set -eu


mkdir -p "$HOME/bin"
cache restore "$cache_key"

# File exists and is executable
if [ -x "$HOME/bin/lintje" ]; then
  echo "Restored Lintje $LINTJE_VERSION from cache"
  echo "Downloading Lintje $LINTJE_VERSION"
  curl -L \
    "$LINTJE_VERSION/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz" | \
    tar -xz --directory "$HOME/bin"
  cache store "$cache_key" "$HOME/bin/lintje"