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Lintje 0.11.0: Install Git hooks with Lintje

Lintje 0.11.0 is out now! This release makes it easier to install Git hooks using Lintje. A new verbose mode helps break down commits to provide more context.

Install Git hooks with Lintje

The process of adding a Git hook for Lintje required some manual steps to make sure everything was set up correctly. This is now made easier with the --install-hook CLI option.

# Only use one of these hooks
lintje --install-hook commit-msg  # Validate commits before they're saved
lintje --install-hook post-commit # Validate commits after they're saved

Two hook types are supported at this time: commit-msg and post-commit. Other types of hooks may be supported in the future. Let me know which hook you would like to see supported.

Verbose mode

Lintje ships with a new verbose mode. This verbose mode prints more output about the commits and branches it validates. It will print the breakdown of the parsed commits and branches, even when they were ignored.

Rules can be ignored again

Lintje will now detect ignored rules again using the lintje:disable line in the commit message.


Read all the changes in the changelog below.